#METOO-Why the Silence of Sexually Violated Victims-One Reason

#METOO-Why the Silence of Sexually Violated Victims-One Reason

#METOO – Why the Silence of Sexually Violated Victims– MeToo, One Reason

There are many reasons why victims of sexual abuse #METOO and other forms of abuse stay silent, #WhyIDidntReport. In this blog, I want to talk about one less talked about reason and bring it to light.

I have been debating with myself whether I should write on this sensitive topic and how to present it.
However, a few days ago, a middle-aged gentleman doing some work where I was asked, “what I don’t understand is, why did she waited 36 years before saying anything?” He was referring to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. I gave him my point of view and after some thoughtful looks, he said to me, “now with that explanation, it makes sense to me.”

This feedback from this gentleman might have been the validation I needed to build the courage to write on this topic.

If you listened to her testimony (Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s), you will both see and hear something happened to her. Something so bad, it looks like it still needs to be shaken off of her. She is not alone!

This blog is to give one reason I have not heard discussed in these painful situations. This will just be a scratch of the topic.

If you are wondering what topic and situation, it is why sexually violated victims do not report or talk about it ever or for many, many years. Recently with the #METOO movement, a lot of sexual abuse cases of long ago are coming to light. There are many forms of sexual violations not limited to sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, unwelcomed touches, body movements to give a message and more. Hope this article shades a little light on #WhyIStayed, #WhyIDidntReport.

To evaluate what I am about to put forth, the first thing to understand is that we are spiritual beings using a physical body to do things in the physical plane…earth. While we may not see them, God’s angels and demons are around us round the clock. These are sometimes referred to as energies.

Sometimes, just talking about the abuse in some cases, heals the victims. In the Bible, John 8:32 (KJV) says, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” But why don’t we speak this truth and bring it to light sooner is the issue I want to deal with. Because when light is shed on a situation, illumination comes with freedom, so one would reason, just tell the truth. But as we see, the victims’ mouths and minds are shut and locked up. But by whom?

These spiritual energies need a body to operate through, to attach to, or live in. The Bible says when a man and a woman come together intimately, “the two shall become one”

Mark 10: 8 “and the two will become one flesh.’ So, they are no longer two, but one flesh.”

The marital gavel in the Bible is the sexual act. You may say, in some cases there was no consummation, thus no marriage. But there was; as Jesus said, in Matthew 5: 28 “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

The Code To A Fulfilling Life Program

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The Power in Your Name

The Power in Your Name

The Power in Your Name !

Have you ever called your name without it being in response to the question “what is your name?.” Uhh? Try it. Sounds …strange, kinda; doesn’t it? Have you ever considered you with another name? Uh uh!

Think about it; why are you called that name? It is a code? Hmmm! Your name is what mother earth, and the vibrations of the world know you by. If you do not sincerely own and resonate with it, you might not hear the call (to/for many things) and might just be losing out on attaining your genius just because you do not ‘own’ your name.

When your loved one calls your name, how do your respond?

Do your prefer honey, dearie, sweetheart, princess, my lord, my love etc. to your name? If so, practice calling your name until you start hearing and owning it and resonating with it.

Strive to be Happy – Cycles and Rhythm

Strive to be Happy – Cycles and Rhythm

One of the tools from my book ”Strive To Be Happy. Powerful Tools On How To” is to understand Cycles and Rhythm. When we work out of rhythm or try to do things in the ‘wrong cycle, it becomes harder to see the manifestations of our desires. Understanding and working in tandem with cycles of life, dis-ease, business, relationships, etc., can greatly ease our minds and hence the type of energy we put forth to enable our continuous success.

Watch this short video where I discuss cycles and rhythms:


“Everything that is hot eventually becomes cold. Change is the way of Nature! “The old woman in a desperate attempt to kill the bed bugs that had infested her bamboo bed poured scalding hot water over the bed. The baby bugs cried out to Mama Bug, “Mama, we are going to die, we are going to die.” Mama Bug coached her kids, “Hang in tight, hang in tight; everything that is hot eventually becomes cold.” (Cameroonian fable). Understand the rhythms and cycles in all you do; it will help you plan or sit tight and wait (actively.) ” – Excerpt from Strive To Be Happy. Powerful Tools On How To


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