Reclaim Your Life with Esther Yiyi Podcast- First Podcast Episode One

Reclaim Your Life with Esther Yiyi Podcast- First Podcast Episode One

Hello!  I am starting a podcast series to assist you ReClaim Your Life and achieve your goals.

These podcasts will help you Reclaim Your Life, Create Your Dreams, Live Your Purpose, Make An Impact & Have Fun Doing It. Connect!

When you listen you will get in-depth information on how to tap into resources within you and in nature willing you to succeed! You will properly position yourself to succeed in your next dream, vision, and goal and in life!

If you feel trapped, blocked, experience near breakthrough syndrome, cyclical failure in your marriage, relationships, finances, health, career or what you may, this podcast is for you!

If your energy and joy gets zapped and the desire to be productive wanes without reason, listen and get tools to use to charge yourself at will! Are you tired of chasing after your dreams, having all the information, plans, tools yet can’t make it happen?

Are you beginning to see and feel this phase of your life is “the other side of midnight”? You feel the urgency to (re) discover, re-claim, re-chart and fulfill your life purpose or dreams!
Maybe the kids are all gone; now you see You and ask, ”what about me?”; and you scream silently!

You’ve heard it said, “oh just download it from the Internet;” but do you know how to download your visions, dreams, ideas into concrete physical success?

#METOO-Why the Silence of Sexually Violated Victims-One Reason

#METOO-Why the Silence of Sexually Violated Victims-One Reason

#METOO – Why the Silence of Sexually Violated Victims– MeToo, One Reason

There are many reasons why victims of sexual abuse #METOO and other forms of abuse stay silent, #WhyIDidntReport. In this blog, I want to talk about one less talked about reason and bring it to light.

I have been debating with myself whether I should write on this sensitive topic and how to present it.
However, a few days ago, a middle-aged gentleman doing some work where I was asked, “what I don’t understand is, why did she waited 36 years before saying anything?” He was referring to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. I gave him my point of view and after some thoughtful looks, he said to me, “now with that explanation, it makes sense to me.”

This feedback from this gentleman might have been the validation I needed to build the courage to write on this topic.

If you listened to her testimony (Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s), you will both see and hear something happened to her. Something so bad, it looks like it still needs to be shaken off of her. She is not alone!

This blog is to give one reason I have not heard discussed in these painful situations. This will just be a scratch of the topic.

If you are wondering what topic and situation, it is why sexually violated victims do not report or talk about it ever or for many, many years. Recently with the #METOO movement, a lot of sexual abuse cases of long ago are coming to light. There are many forms of sexual violations not limited to sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape, unwelcomed touches, body movements to give a message and more. Hope this article shades a little light on #WhyIStayed, #WhyIDidntReport.

To evaluate what I am about to put forth, the first thing to understand is that we are spiritual beings using a physical body to do things in the physical plane…earth. While we may not see them, God’s angels and demons are around us round the clock. These are sometimes referred to as energies.

Sometimes, just talking about the abuse in some cases, heals the victims. In the Bible, John 8:32 (KJV) says, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” But why don’t we speak this truth and bring it to light sooner is the issue I want to deal with. Because when light is shed on a situation, illumination comes with freedom, so one would reason, just tell the truth. But as we see, the victims’ mouths and minds are shut and locked up. But by whom?

These spiritual energies need a body to operate through, to attach to, or live in. The Bible says when a man and a woman come together intimately, “the two shall become one”

Mark 10: 8 “and the two will become one flesh.’ So, they are no longer two, but one flesh.”

The marital gavel in the Bible is the sexual act. You may say, in some cases there was no consummation, thus no marriage. But there was; as Jesus said, in Matthew 5: 28 “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

Strive To Be Happy Tip – Be with Nature and Trees

Strive To Be Happy Tip – Be with Nature and Trees

A Strive to be happy tip is to spend some time in nature.  Hang out with trees.  Just Be. Be Still and know!  Be still. Be.

We all have different definitions for happiness based on our experiences and culture for what makes us feel truly yummy inside. Get joy and happiness, let bliss and other good stuff flow in!

Happiness seems to be a pre‐requisite for lots of beautiful things. Joy is very important for many reasons. Very simply, it is necessary for good mental, physical, and spiritual alertness, which enables us to be vastly productive.

As an iridologist and life coach, I see many people whose business, relationships, health, and more has been marred because they did not have the energy provoked and invoked by joy.

We have to strive to be happy consciously, as so many unexpected situations can steal our joy. Here is a tip from my book Strive to be Happy. Powerful Tools On How To.

Be with Trees. Trees are present, beautiful, powerful, graceful, and cleansing. Take a walk in nature. Listen.

Trees yield so many benefits; hang out with a tree — peace, calm, clarity, happiness and more will show up!

Build a solid foundation.

Be Present!

Your Personal Constitution and a Folktale

Your Personal Constitution and a Folktale

How the Dog Became a Domestic Animal and Your Personal Constitution

New Book – How the Dog Became a Domestic Animal

ReClaim Your Life Tip For This Week: Have a Personal Constitution.

In my new book “How the Dog Became a Domestic Animal,’ the animals decide to crown a king and set a constitution to rule their kingdom and the consequences if violated.  The animal that ends up violating one of the rules punishable by death is not the one that gets punished as he is a manipulator.

Without giving the story away so you can enjoy it, the dog gets caught in the middle of this setup. Fables and folktales are meant for entertainment and also to teach life lessons and success strategies. One lesson from this story is to figure out why the dog was so gullible.  Did he have his own code of conduct to govern his life?

In my book “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships,” the topic of a having Personal Constitution is discussed. These could be personal rules and ethical values that guide your daily personal, relationship, health, family, spiritual, financial, and cooperate life.  For example, when I was in college, I had a rule that said when my alarm clock came up in the morning, I will not snooze or shut it off and go back to sleep. I had to get up, period; even if, I had only three or four hours of sleep!

This rule came from snoozing and thus waking up late and missing the bus to the train station. This meant I missed the train I had to take after that bus ride and then I missed the bus to school I had to take after the train ride! This lead to me being late for class and lab work.  Late arrivals to a computer science class had serious consequences.  Creating a rule that governed my life, though very tough, helped me.  I remember waking up and I’ll be crying in the shower before going to school. I cried because I was very sleep and I needed more sleep but I had paid for my tuition by working late into the night after school.

In my new book “How the Dog Became a Domestic Animal,” we find that some animals, loved to be friendly, petted, played with, fed, given a ride, were proud, were too trusting without vetting, or gossiped.  These character traits were understood by their enemies and subsequently used against them.!

To Reclaim your life, have rules and values that govern you; things you would do or not do.  This personal constitution only works if you honor the rules and values therein. In the spiritual realm, your word and the meditations of your heart are a bound; no signatures are needed. If we are not conscious, you inadvertently and unconsciously give others permission to impose their own subtle and sometimes blatant values and codes upon your life. We might blame them  later, forgetting we have not set our own boundaries by knowing and acting who we are, being guided by our own personal constitution.

Look around your life at many of the things and people, friends and associates; how did they come to be at the influencing level they are in your life today? How did those lunch discussions and language evolve to where it is today? How did your finances or health become as it is today; whether positive or not where you want.

If you don’t like the answers you get to these questions (add more questions to them,) then check your personal constitution. It may be time to update or create one. Snap out of the hypnotic rhythm you have been in.  On your journey to reclaim your life

Choice, Your Success Strategy for Your Goals

Choice, Your Success Strategy for Your Goals

Choice, A simple Yet Potent strategy for the Success of Your Goals This Year

It’s a new Year! Happy New Year! You didn’t choose the change, but through choice, you can choose the outcome!

Now that we are way off the starting line of this new year, let’s look at some tools to make December a month of celebration!

Do you want to catapult your success this year to greater heights? Add this one thing to all you are currently doing. Read on to find out:

A few months ago, I visited a family I had known the father for years.  The father of the house was one of the young men I had mentored along the way.  Now he was married with children.  That evening, there was joy and noise of discussions; pots and spoons clicked as cooking happened; children playing, talking and singing; TV blasting updates and music and joyous neighbors who had come by chatting over drinks. A typical household!

After the sumptuous dinner, the father cleared his throat quieted everyone and said he wanted to say something.  As a hush came about, I wondered what the important topic was.


During the years I mentored this particular group of young adults in middle, high school and college, I used to send them group emails with strategies for success, encouragements, study habits and simple natural laws that would ensure their success. You see, God put simple processes encoded into nature, and the universe for all mankind. If you tap into them, life becomes easier; no matter the affliction, you or someone will assist you find a way out!

“While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease,” the Bible says.  So, it does not matter who you are or your religious affiliation, if you are sowing (seeding), (could be teaching, giving your time, thoughts, words, sharing your resources, hugs, smiles, babysitting, a ride, a t-shirt to another who needs it, food, finances, anger, pride, love, joy, forgiveness, disobedience, coaching, mentoring, there will always be a harvest time!  It was not specified what to seed or sow; thus, we are constantly unconsciously or consciously sowing in many ways! Then harvest time always comes; that’s the code; that’s the law, earth has already been programmed!

Take a moment to review your present contentment. What did you sow recently or years ago to give you today’s state of affairs?

Do you want a different output when you look back in a few weeks, months, years from now? At this time of the year, just as the Bible verse above stated, it is now a “new year” in human terms, but, in nature terms, it is a “new season”!  It is Winter in the United States and Europe; Dry season in many African countries. Which connotation (new year or new season,) do you think will echo better for seeding/sowing success when you tap into it the right way? Many people set goals but they shortly forget about these goals (come February,) despite their best intentions.  Been there! Why?

There are as many answers to this “why” as there are human beings who have set goals that did not come to fruition as envisioned. However, there are some few things we can all do to get at least fifty percent success for starters. That alone will propel us to push ahead for more success.

I like to look at foundational anchors that run across the board because we all have been given the same earth and nature to use; so, therein, must be building materials and tools for each of us to adapt to create our success. While you are setting goals, making lists, prioritizing, delegating, creating vision boards, add this one principal anchor below if you have not done so already.


Back to my story about the family I was visiting. As this father starting speaking, to my surprise, he thanked me profusely, because he said, a ‘code/key’ I had encouraged them to use in those formative years was the constant ingredient to his continuous success. (Stay with me, this is not about me). Then, he pulled out a long brown enveloped and out of it he pulled some papers. I thought he was going to pull out his certificates for all the degrees, certifications and awards he had attained. Instead, he pulled out an email I had sent to the group I was coaching and mentoring in the 90s!! I had titled it “Choice”!

He attributed that email from me to the key of his continuous success which he recounted some. I wanted to read the email myself, I needed some of that mentoring also! He had printed and kept the email and was now teaching his children and other young adults.

I had often wondered why he and a few others in the group excelled more than others. Here was one of the reasons. He made a choice to succeed! He made a choice study, to stay up  late studying and wake up early, to marry when he did, to move to a different city, to build, to create businesses, to work, to forgive, to give, to take in another’s child and send to school etc. etc. Each conscious choice came with a lot of responsibilities and struggles. But because he made the choice, he stuck to the vision and saw the results. Success begat success and hope and a flow! Nature doing its part as promised by the Almighty!

Some of the actions/reactions of choice are recursive, as they are codes in themselves, bringing back more blessings to him! Cycle of seeding and harvesting.

The earth, the ethereal invisible world, fills up any empty space whether we see it or not.

ReClaim Your Life With Intersection Coaching

ReClaim Your Life With Intersection Coaching

Periodically, I’ll be sharing with you, what I call my “Intersection Coaching” to help you ReClaim Your Life! Being spiritual beings in a physical body, there is always an intersection of the physical and the spiritual in all we do, whether we know it or not! I’ll try to link it to current events so you see the manifestation in real time. For example, the #MeToo movement going on is because there is never a casual sexual relationship in words, thoughts or deeds (if not grounded in spiritual legality!). Without understanding the spiritual implications, it is only a matter of time before the forces at play manifest in the physical. And everything done in darkness will eventually come to light! We can’t stop the rhythm of the sun (except you have the understanding, boldness, connection and courage of Joshua!)

Again, the time to get the map (GPS) is before you get into the forest!
You will also discover what to do (as in the #MeToo), to rid yourself of STDs (I mean sexually transmitted demons;) some spiritually programmed to manifest at a certain time in the victims (and perpetuators’) lives! We must understand our spiritual DNA and teach it to our young adults! Not knowing or not understanding does not stop the side effects as we see in many situations.

Yes, I’ve been working on a lot of knowledge, understanding and comprehension, these ‘invisible years’ among other things! No more ‘milk’; it’s time for ‘meat’! My desire is to help enable your/my journey here on earth to be fulfilling and joyful as many I have coached had lost their joy. In fact, this is what lead me to write my book “Strive To Be Happy. Powerful Tools On How To.”

I had to go a little deeper as buying expensive programs, traveling around the country studying to move forward, I noticed others and myself seemed to have plateaued or were going round and round in circles with no functional exits despite our sincere efforts! It’s heart breaking to be stuck or see another stuck and you can’t help them or yourself. Now we can!

The Code To A Fulfilling Life Program

The Code To A Fulfilling Life Program

CRACKING THE CODE;THE PATH TO CREATING A SUCCESSFUL LIFE. Powerful tools to bring about life fulfillment. A Home Study Coaching Program By Esther Lamnyam . Get the program now at here: Consider some of these scenarios I get asked or have experienced and see if you or someone you know has experienced it: Have you attended tons [...]
Love Came Down – Merry Christmas!

Love Came Down – Merry Christmas!

Love Came Down – Merry Christmas!

“6 For unto us a Child is born,
Unto us a Son is given;
And the government will be upon His shoulder.
And His name will be called
Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God,
Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

7 Of the increase of His government and peace
There will be no end,
Upon the throne of David and over His kingdom,
To order it and establish it with judgment and justice
From that time forward, even forever.
The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.” – Isaiah 9 : 6-7New King James Version (NKJV)

“Love came down at Christmas
Love all lovely, love divine
Love was born at Christmas
Star and angels gave the sign.”

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life. “ – John 3:16

“God did not give us only stuff, but what He loved so much: His Son. When you give pure love, it changes you.” – Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships available on

Reclaim Your Life Show – Episode 2

Reclaim Your Life Show – Episode 2

isten to Episode 2 of Reclaim Your Life Show With Esther Lamnyam on the BBM Global Network and on TuneIn Radio

I discuss the Pre-Requisite – of choice and using rhythm and cycles in nature for our success and to ReClaim Your Life!
scroll down and listen to other episodes….and share this link with your friends, family and others

In this episode

– Esther Lamnyam dives into a couple of the foundational pre-requisites needed to create anything. These intangible tools are needed to start reclaiming your life in many different areas else success may not stick or may not be


-I discuss example of rhythm and cycles in starting relationships

Rhythm is every where in nature – for example:

Your heart beat, music on the radio or mobile device, cars swooshing by on the highway, feet on the pavement. You could just while in the train or in traffic focus on finding a rhythm and chime and you will find you reclaim your peace of mind and stop being anxious as you enjoy the different sounds and rhythm. Nature’s music has been playing

to you all this time…. you now reconnect with it more consciously. You will find joy in finding the rhythm in daily activities.

Reclaim Your Life Show – Episode 1

Reclaim Your Life Show – Episode 1

sther discusses some of the challenges, frustrations and questions you or someone you know may encounter or might have experienced that might have stagnated your progress.

– Esther discusses a few of the tools, laws of nature and strategies you will be using to start reclaiming your life. We look into how understanding the interconnectedness of your life will enable you see causes and hence solutions more readily.

-Esther talks about her background, pains and frustration and how her finding solutions led her into taping into a hidden-in-plain sight system to reclaim her life in all dimensions – physical, spiritual, emotional life and more. She shares these discoveries with you.

– Using the example of the tools needed to cook soup, Esther begins to reveal the not often discussed pre-requisites needed to create anything, without which success is hard to come by, repeat or stick when it does.

Reclaim Your Life Show With Esther Lamnyam On BBM Global Network

Reclaim Your Life Show With Esther Lamnyam On BBM Global Network

The Reclaim Your Life show with your host Esther Lamnyam On the BBM Global Network and on TuneIn Radio. Listen live and via podcast on on Tuesdays at 8 P.M. Eastern.

Join holistic life success strategist Esther Lamnyam, and her guest each week for tips and strategies you can use to reclaim your physical, spiritual and emotional life. Benefit from the wisdom Esther and her guest have gained from their life experiences and working with others around the world and apply them to your situation. She shows you how to use natural principles to help you confront your life challenges. She gives you tips on how to tap into the laws of nature and the tools that exist around you and within you to achieve your goals.

Listen each week, as Esther will discuss a variety of subjects that will empower you to reclaim your life and create the life you dream of, as somewhere along the way some of us lost consciousness of our innate divine self and power.

Strive To Be Happy Tip: Do not take others and partners for granted!

Strive To Be Happy Tip: Do not take others and partners for granted!

Just because someone promised to love you forever does not mean you can slack off. Even God changes His mind. They have the choice to leave the relationship any given day; do not encourage them to harbor such thoughts if you want to be with them. Say please and thank you. Apologize. If they cook for you and do
your laundry, boy, blow them kisses and tell them how much you appreciate those gestures. Many broken hearts are born from being ungrateful. Even God says, “Praise Me, call my name, do not murmur, or grumble”! Hehehe! If He needs it, what more can be expected from an earthling with memories of all childhood issues and baggage to fill the trunk of your car? Relationships are a choice. Know all involved have the
ability to un‐choose you. Nobody is stuck with another. When we abuse and choose to not honor relationships and other humans, they might leave us if they have enough self‐confidence. We, thus, architect our own unhappiness. – Excerpt from Strive to be Happy. Powerful Tools on How to,” by Esther Lamnyam

Get your copy today and discover more powerful tips to engineer your happiness!

How to Achieve Your Goals by Extrapolating from Basic Programming

How to Achieve Your Goals by Extrapolating from Basic Programming

Temporary Location and Triangles.

I finally figured out how the stone worked and how to use it. But as you know by now, I had to understand it first as a child would then extrapolate (yes, that word again) into grown-up language.

Gazillion years ago when I was learning Basic programming—yah, don’t act like you do not know what I am talking about—this country was built on 286 processors, mainframe computers, and DOS. Again, when you forget your roots, you forget the basics and how to problem solve.

Well, back to basics; when I was learning Basic programming, I had problems understanding the concept of “temporary location.” Mark you; I arrived in the U.S. without having ever seen a computer in my life. Without that basic understanding, programming was looking to me like the concept of derivatives would look to a villager; I knew I was doomed for failure.

So I did the next best thing a desperate student would do: I went to my teacher after class and asked him what a “temporary location” was. I was embarrassed to think what he would think about me, but I was also paying for those classes with my own hard earned cash and sleepless nights. I needed a positive return on my investment.

He thought for a moment and then put his keys on one side of the table and a stapler a few inches away from it. He then asked me to swap the two items. Easy, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt as he was one of the best science teachers I had studied under. With my right hand, I picked up the keys and with my left hand I picked up the stapler. I crisscrossed my hands and then put the keys where the stapler had been and the stapler where keys had been.

He looked at me, hesitated for a second, and then said.

“Swap them using only one hand.”

How could I swap the two things with one hand? I pondered. Then an idea struck me. I took the keys and put them in the middle of the two locations, but above where the two objects had been. This move left the key location empty. So with the same hand, I picked up the stapler and put it where the keys had been. Then I picked up the keys and as I was about to put them where the stapler had been, he held my hand and, pointing to the middle spot where the keys had just been, said, “This is the temporary location.”

Light bulb moment; from that moment my communication with computers changed.

When working on self-knowledge, understanding nature, and learning to create fulfilling relationships, you have to alter your way of thinking. As you change lanes, you move from one vibratory level to another. Different tools become available to you. Just that little shift in awareness will change your whole life. You are no more a neophyte but an initiate into the school of the Cosmic. You are no more a child; you no more have your childlike ways. You now have the ways of an enlightened soul.

Stalactites and Stalagmites

Remember: as above, so below. Everything in the physical world can be used to experience spiritual principles to

A Time to Cultivate

A Time to Cultivate

When spring season comes, there is renewal and growth. Depending on where you are physically, spiritually, mentally, business wise, relationship or health wise cultivation is always necessary.

The cycles of nature guide us to become what has already been programmed in us just as one kernel of corn becomes ears of corn on the cob with hundreds of kernels. Multiplication always happens when we cultivate. God creates addition, yet He prefers by multiplication.

In this video, I join farmers physically cultivating the soil so when the rains come they would be ready to plant. So, in our aspirations, there is always a time to cultivate. If we work out of season, we may not get a yield or a good one and this might also lead to stress, anxiety, lost profits and more.

Read below this excerpt from my book Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships about another level of cultivation.

“To be able to commune with nature and learn from it and use this knowledge daily, you have to cultivate your spirit. This means you have to acknowledge you are a spirit, know your spirit nature, and know yourself. You have to empty out stuff and junk so you can fill yourself with love, light, and wisdom.

When you plant one grain of corn, you always harvest more than one grain. Birds migrate and come back at the end of the season in greater numbers. Thoughts are the same; they are like the grain that we plant and then harvest at the end of the season, but always in multiple fold. That is a law of nature and you can use it beneficially to your relationships or to their detriment. The only way you can live in harmony is to cultivate harmonious thoughts and deeds.

Cultivating harmonious thoughts takes practice but more importantly a choice to cultivate them. Our experiences in life are a consequence of the choices that we make daily, hourly, and every minute.” – Excerpt from Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What City Moms Didn’t Tell You About Creating Fulfilling Relationships – By Esther Lamnyam; grab your copy today on

Esther Lamnyam of Imitate Nature to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

Esther Lamnyam of Imitate Nature to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio

Coming Soon..... The Reclaim Your Life Show with your Host Esther Lamnyam on The BBM Global Network and On TuneIn Radio ============================================================ Esther Lamnyam of Imitate Nature to be Featured on Close-Up Talk Radio BOWIE, MARYLAND, USA, December 15, 2014 / -- Just as we might use natural products to improve our physical health [...]
Strive to be Happy Tip – Keep your cheerleaders!

Strive to be Happy Tip – Keep your cheerleaders!

Strive to be Happy Tip:  Keep your cheerleaders! Even God says praise me! (Summary :  There is the intersection of the physical and spiritual – always. Mind that in all you do!) Below is an excerpt from my book Strive to be Happy. Powerful Tools on How To; page 74 "Keep your cheerleaders! Even God says [...]


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