Love Under the Kola Nut Tree: What city moms didn’t tell you about creating fulfilling relationships

Love Under the Kola Nut Tree: What city moms didn’t tell you about creating fulfilling relationships

The Writing to Love Under the Kola Nut Tree.

My earliest recollection of writing is in fourth grade when I was disciplined for writing a ‘love letter’ to the boy I shared the desk with. It was not a love letter but I did not know how to explain it was a poem because we were not taught poetry at the time. The words had just flowed to me and I wrote them down.  Most of the time that is how I write, I can not control how and when the words come to me. I can see them, feel them and feel all they are saying and experience each word and character individually. Once the message is transmitted, it ceases. I could be a word, title, paragraph, a page or pages. What I have learned is that when it comes I better stopped all I am doing and write it down because it would not come exactly like that again…except when I was writing Love Under the Kola Nut Tree.

You see, I do not believe Love Under the Kola Nut Tree is really my book. I believe I was used as a channel for this book for if an idea or words came and I did not write them or wrote them but did not transcribe them to my story on my computer, it keep coming until I did so. Later I ended up with duplicates which my editor worked hard to eliminate. Some of the duplicates I believe were a way of Being trying to make Its point clearly.    Get your copy today from

Love Under the Kola Nut Tree: What city moms didn’t tell you about creating fulfilling relationships

How the book flows

I use the fable story telling technique used in the African village to show laws of nature are constantly at play and affecting us whether we are aware of them or not. I show how problems can be handled from a spiritual point of view by using the laws of nature which do not change or fail us. The laws of nature are immutable and are available to all creatures and races. These laws do not play favorites nor can they be manipulated.

My book gives the reader simple but powerful tools and concepts to build fulfilling relationships. It gives very easy practical applications that the reader can implement immediately that very day in their lives (e.g. circles, quadrants, developing spiritual sight, triangles, and colors.) This book draws the reader into the story and he or she recognizes himself or herself as they might have experienced (or are experiencing) some of the issues experienced by the characters.

My book using a fable-like parable story telling technique makes it easier for people to remember solutions. Stories and proverbs stay in the mind longer. Proverbs in a few words tell volumes and can have multiple meanings all of which enrich the person. People and children especially, remember lessons taught through stories for a life time (for example, the fable of the girl and the snake.)

The majority of humanity believes in God; the majority of humanity falls in love and experience amorous relationships and the resulting dramas. Most books focus on one – Religion/Spirituality/Mysticism or the other – amorous relationships. Humans worship reverently and also love passionately; this book is an amalgamation of what humans practice daily.

This book beautifully merges these aspects of humanity and the reader no matter their vocation can enjoy and also benefit from this book. We need to be who we really are; complete Human Beings — physical and spiritual; Being. Just as we nourish the physical through food, entertainment, exercise, sex, etc. we need to be mindful of the spiritual and this books shows us how to.

This book in a very practical way shows we are all connected and are in this together.

The chapter and section headings are very powerful and potent nuggets of information and wisdom. They can be used as a point of departure for a lecture, inspirational or motivational talk or even a book.

I started writing a purely romance novel but was ‘led’ to write this book instead. I was lead spiritually to write this book and times I could feel and experience the information being downloaded to me! I was guided as to what to address. Before writing this book, I travelled to Cameroon, West Africa to ask questions of ‘villagers’, elders, mystics and sages.  Of all the Western research I did, only one Book was the right resource which I indicate at the end of my book.

Some of the questions answered in “Love Under the Kola Nut Tree. What city mom’s didn’t tell you about creating fulfilling relationships” are:

  • How can we created fulfilling relationships using comic laws
  • How do we lay a good foundation?
  • How can you rebuild broken relationships built on a crooked foundation or no foundation at all?
  • How can we use Circles, Triangles, Squares, rectangles, quadrants, the sun and leaves to create fulfilling relationships?
  • How to develop spiritual sight.
  • Why are we all in this together?
  • What is the real spiritual meaning of sex.?
  • Why when young teens engage in sex prematurely their grades begin to slip and why young women can handle the provoked energy a little better than the boys.
  • Why a man and a woman can live together for years as a couple but after being officially pronounced ‘husband (or man) and wife’ all hell breaks loose there after.
  • Why man is consumed with Sex
  • Why and how past sexual encounters still affect you today.
  • How the villager men created energy for wrestling
  • Why most men find themselves going round and round in circles and success keeps slipping out of their hands though very brilliant.
  • What is the energy that is created when a man and a woman comes together in a relationship?
  • Why do most successful men since Biblical times engaged their destiny more successfully after marrying?
  • Why are more highly successful and creative men from time immemorial engage the company of women?
  • How and why woman (Mother) and Mother Earth is the seed of all that is created on earth.
  • The secret behind why virgins (women) were sort but still needed to be cleansed since Biblical times (e.g. Queen Esther, and Abishag in the Bible) and in Malah also.
  • What happens when negative things done secretly come to Light?
  • The creative power of thought, how/why it works and how to use it
  • The power of the word, how/why it works and how to use it.
  • Why as kids we were very successful with ‘verbal contracts.’
  • What is prayer and how is it possible to pray without ceasing?
  • Why a village or anyone who has never heard the words meditation, visualization, mantras and affirmations, can  still create successfully?
  • Why is it that with elderly couples, if the woman dies first the husband might not live long after that, but not vice versa?
  • Why do men come home (even to abusive relationships) even for a few minutes before going back out?
  • Why is it that when a partner is fighting and you come to save the woman, she might even turn against you though all bruised up?
  • What happens when a man ‘Yokes Into’ a good woman or a ‘bad’ woman?
  • How man and woman can create at the highest level.
  • Why partners come before children.
  • Why man cannot leave his parents and cleave with woman (what it really means)
  • Why is sex such an issue in the Western world while the rest of the world money is the issue?
  • The secret of how King David in the Bible and other ancient greats created.
  • The secret of using your name and knowing those of your ancestors.
  • The power of touch, voice, looks and silence.
  • How to know yourself
  • Why evil is inevitable and how to transmute it as matter can not be created or destroyed but converted from one form to another.
  • Why none of God’s children complained when Satan showed up at God’s family reunion with His kids (Book of Job.)
  • Why woman is responsible for her own reproductive system and not a man.
  • Why man is like a tree and woman like Mother Earth
  • How to imitate the seasons of the year
  • How to use your sport to ‘game’ your relationships such as golf, football, soccer, tennis
  • Why and how relationships are for spiritual growth.
  • What is the ‘stone’ and where it dwells
  • Why Dr. Morgan stole the stone.
  • Who Maya (Queen) Sophia really is.
  • Why Angie’s boyfriends did not respect her and how she turned that around.
  • Why the changing of the dollar bill will provoke havoc.
  • How and why your success is the success of your family, your corporation, your country and hence the world…how we are all linked and in this together. You are a very important piece of the puzzle and without you the puzzle is not complete.
  • How to form your own personal constitution; any successful Country, business and organization has one.
  • How no matter what your problem is, it can be resolved.

Resolve issues on the topics above or others you may be interested in.

My interview about my book: Listen and  pass it on; Thank You!!

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